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November 2018


Source: dad-camp.com

Gription isn’t a word in the dictionary, but it is in Zacharie‘s world.

Myth-busting winter driving wives’ tales

Source: globalnews.ca

The snow and freezing temperatures are here and that means drivers have to switch gears and adjust for winter conditions.

October 2018

What You Need To Know About Winter Tires

Source: btvancouver.ca

Do you have winter tires on your vehicle? Are they the right kind? Are they in good condition? Is it the law to have them? All these questions add up…

Are you winter tire ready?

Source: Castanet.net

As winter creeps ever closer, the call to get prepared for winter driving conditions gets louder. The past few weeks have seen an increase in winter driving conditions on Interior…

What you need to know before your purchase winter tires

Source: globalnews.ca

Bill Gardiner from Kal Tire joins Global News Morning Calgary with details on what you need to know about all-season, all-weather and winter tires as we prepare for the winter…

Winter Tire Message Not Getting Through: Survey

Source: autotrader.ca

A survey conducted by tire retailer Kal Tire indicates that the majority of Canadians don’t recognize the winter performance benefits of tires designed for snow and ice conditions. The survey’s…

May 2018

Here’s why you need to check your tire pressure now

Source: driving.ca

Even if you can’t see it, your tires can be low and lead to dangerous handling problems.

Under-Inflated Tires are Dangerous – and Cost You Money

Source: msn.com/en-ca/autos

Hopefully, the sheer volume of verbiage we’ve expended over the years has convinced our readers of the important role tires play in ensuring their vehicles perform at their maximum ability.

Under-inflated tires take the air out of summer road trips

Source: 660news.com

Road trip season is here and drivers giving their car the spring tune-up can’t forget to check the tires. The risks and costs of driving on under-inflated tires can be…

Time to check your tires

Source: castanet.net

Road trip season is upon us and as the weather warms up more people hit the highway for a getaway.

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