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In The News

October 2015

Tire Testing Study Rolled Out

Source: www.1075kiss.com

Vernon based Kal Tire has embarked on the first independent tire testing study in Canada that covers every driving condition in our nation.

Kal Tire tests tires

Source: www.castanet.net

Just how well will a set of tires brake at a slippery intersection, corner in a snowstorm, manoeuvre through puddles or push through slush? Kal Tire conducted a series of…

September 2015

CFL partners with Kal Tire and BFGoodrich tires

Source: CFL Network

TORONTO  – The Canadian Football League (CFL) announced today that Kal Tire is now a proud official partner and the official tire retailer of the Canadian Football League. The league…

June 2015

From Okanagan town, Kal Tire treads across Canada

Source: Vancouver Sun in Vancouver, BC

Family-owned company has 250 stores, hopes to eat into Canadian Tire’s dominant retail market share…

Spare tire tips

Source: Global in Winnipeg, MB

Michael Downey of Kal Tire talks about the importance of a spare tire.

May 2015

Don’t Strike Out with Your Spare Tire

Source: Autonet.com

Pull two other people into your field of vision. Of the three of you, one will get a flat tire this year, according to findings from a recent survey conducted…

Vernon-based company surveys spare tire use

Source: The Morning Star in Vernon, BC

A recent Kal Tire survey shows that more than one-third of Canadian drivers had a flat tire last year. But how many drivers know the age or condition of their spare…

Overlooked part of your car that could save you the hassle

Source: Global News in Toronto, ON

The spare tire is one of your vehicle’s most essential elements that is often over looked. We sat down with Ron Pierce for more.

Check Your Spare

Source: Rock 95 in Barrie, ON

So, you packed the car for the holiday weekend, topped up the tank, cleaned off the windshield and made sure your tires were in good shape. But wait, did you check the spare? …

Tire talk: Get those winter tires off now

Source: Toronto Star in Toronto, ON

JOHN MAHLER / FOR THE TORONTO STAR Tire blowouts are often caused by tire underinflation, which causes overheating. By: John Mahler Special…

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