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Kal Tire Stores

November 2015

When the rubber hits the snow: How different tires stack up


Canadians are a prudent people for the most part, except when it comes to outfitting vehicles with winter tires. Data released last year by the Tire and Rubber…



By now you’ve probably seen the Kal Tire television ad where a driver loses control of his car and it goes careening across the ice. A voiceover says, “We test…

October 2015

All-weather tires vs. winter tires — what’s the difference?


In the beginning, there was but one tire, a strip of rubber wrapped around a solid steel wheel. It was harsh but less harsh than steel wheel on cobblestone. This…

Winter tires tested – conclusively!


For as long as we’ve had cars, we’ve been faced with the daunting task of buying tires. But, in the absence of comparative testing data on a level playing field…

Local company puts winter tires to the test


How well will a set of tires brake at a slippery intersection, corner in a snowstorm, manoeuvre through puddles or push through slush? Kal Tire is the first tire retailer…

Tire Buying Guide

Source: Global Morning News - Edmonton

Purchasing the best type of tires for you vehicle could be an overwhelming experience. Now instead of trying to understand why one tire is better than another consumers can check…

Okanagan tire company independently tests its products for winter driving


A well-known Okanagan based automotive company claims it’s the first Canadian tire retailer to independently test tires in winter conditions. Kal Tire says it hired an independent testing company to…

June 2015

From Okanagan town, Kal Tire treads across Canada

Source: Vancouver Sun in Vancouver, BC

Family-owned company has 250 stores, hopes to eat into Canadian Tire’s dominant retail market share…

May 2015

Tire talk: Get those winter tires off now

Source: Toronto Star in Toronto, ON

JOHN MAHLER / FOR THE TORONTO STAR Tire blowouts are often caused by tire underinflation, which causes overheating. By: John Mahler Special…

Motorists reminded to stay safe while driving this long weekend

Source: Global News in Saskatoon, SK

Drivers in Saskatchewan are being reminded to make sure their vehicles are in working order before heading out on the road this long weekend.

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